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Syllabus EE330 Electromagnetics 2017

Sandra Watson
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Communication: I will send e-mail with the class announcements via Blackboard. Please make sure the
e-mail address you have registered with Blackboard is valid and check it frequently. Please send your emails with the note “Engr 330 Spring17” in the subject line.
Required Text: Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 6th ed by Ulaby, Ravaioli, Michielssen
Prerequisites: MATH 39100 AND 39200, PHYS 20800
Bulletin and CUNY First Description:
Complex vectors. Maxwell’s Equations. Boundary conditions. Wave equation. Uniform plane waves.
Polarization. Propagation in lossless and lossy media. Poyting Vector. Reflection and transmission of
waves at normal and oblique incidence. Transmission lines (propagation, Smith Chart, transients). Topics
in waves.
I expect that students will do: required home reading; online quizzes before the lesson starts to identify
statistics of good/weak understanding of the material; peruse the list of recommended problems.
Homework: Homework assignments will be given regularly throughout the semester to reinforce topics
of every chapter. By the deadline, the Homework quiz (HWQ) will be administered in the classroom
during the lecture and will be graded. This quiz will cover topics of the assigned homework. The lowest
grade will be dropped.
Online quiz: assigned daily with full credit if completed 1 hour before the class begins, 3/4 of credit if
completed within 2 days, no credit after. Quiz could consist of multiple choice questions (randomized)
and/or simple problems. You have to read assigned sections of the book to answer these questions.
Unlimited attempts and time for answers during first two weeks, 4 attempts thereafter. Two lowest
grades will be dropped.



Syllabus EE330 Electromagnetics Sp2017

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