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The Biological Sciences (BIO 204) Knisely Format

Sandra Watson
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Stony Brook University

Fundamentals Of Scientific Inquiry In The Biological Sciences I (BIO 204)

Lab06 Sci Lit and Exp Design Rec Handout f18

Turn in completed handout at end of Recitation for Participation Credit. Incomplete handouts will
receive “0” to “partial credit” for participation. Handouts will be returned by next Lab. Keep for your
Record. Handouts with illegible/missing name, incorrect/missing Lab section#, or staples will not be
What is the goal of this week’s lab?
Finding primary literature: If you are interested in gathering information on isopods and light, what key terms could
you use?
Working with Data:
Anthropometrics: use the ruler on pg 3 to take the following
Right index finger length:
Right ring finger length:
Circle one: male female
How would you describe these data in a written report?
Units and Significant Digits:
• Which units are appropriate for terrestrial isopods: mm? cm?
• Which unit describes the speed of terrestrial isopods: mm/s? cm/s? m/s?
Following the Knisely Format
What grade would you give this graph if it was worth 5 points? _________
List a few mistakes below:



The Biological Sciences (BIO 204) Knisely Format

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