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The Food Industry Carrying Capacity Worksheet

Sandra Watson
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Middle Tennessee State University The Food Industry (ABAS 4810) Human Population and Carrying Capacity WebQuest This activity is designed for you to see how the population of the Earth continues to change over the course of time. At some point in time the carrying capacity of the Earth may be reached. Use the links below to discover more about the human carrying capacity as well as to answer the corresponding questions. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF NOTEBOOK PAPER!! 1. What is the current world population? 2. What is the exact time right now? 3. What is the U.S. population right now? 4. Where is California ranked among state populations? 5. What percent of people in the US live in California? Navigate around this website and answer the questions below. 6. Where does the US rank among the nations of the world in terms of population? 7. Where does the US rank for life expectancy at birth? 8. What is the life expectancy at birth in the US? 9. Which country has the highest life expectancy at birth and which has the lowest?

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