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Theatre Practice (VETS20005) Gi Surgey Post Op Care - Lecture Notes On Gastrointestinal Post Operative Care

John Marsh
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University of Bristol

Surgical Nursing and Theatre Practice (VETS20005)

GI surgey post op care – Lecture notes on Gastrointestinal post operative care

Lecture 1 26.01.17
Gastrointestinal surgery – post op care
• Cervical or thoracotomy approach = FB removal, mass removal and thyroidectomy
• Oesophagotomy = Incision into the oesophagus
• Partial oesogectomy = To remove revitalised or disease oesophageal segments
• Oesophagostomy = Incision into the oesophagus to place a feeding tube
• Potential complications:
– Interference with healing due to constant movement
– Strictures
– Infection
– Regurgitation
– Oesophagitis
• Gastrotomy = FB removal
• Partial gastrectomy = removal necrotic, ulcerated or neoplastic tissue
• Pyloromyotomy and pyloroplasty = increasing in diameter if the pylorus
• Gastropexy = Carried out as a preventative surgery or treatment for a gastric dilation volvulus
• Potential complications:
– Vomiting
– Anorexia
– Peritonitis
– Ulceration
– Pancreatitis
Small intestine
• Enterotomy = surgical incision
• Intestinal resection and anastomosis = remove ischemic, necrotic, neoplastic or infected
segments of intestine
• Enterectomy = excision of part of the small intestine
• Enteropexy = Surgically fixing the intestine to the abdominal wall
• Potential complications:
– Healing can be delayed due to hypovolemia and shock
– Incisional breakdown
– Ileus
– perforation
– Peritonitis
– Diarrhoea
– Anorexia
Large intestine
• Colopexy = creating permanent adhesion between serosal surface of the colon and the
abdominal wall
• Colostomy = very rarely performed in animals as it can cause faecal incontinence
• Colectomy = removal of the colon could allow colonic microorganisms easy access to the small
intestine resulting in malabsorption and diarrhoea
• Potential complications:
– Leakage
– Peritonitis
– Stricture
– Haemorrhage and faecal contamination



Theatre Practice (VETS20005) Gi Surgey Post Op Care - Lecture Notes On Gastrointestinal Post Operative Care

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