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Transition Prof Nurs Practice (NUR 460) 2016 Exam1

John Marsh
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Tarleton State University

Transition Prof Nurs Practice (NUR 460)


2016 Hesi Version 1
1. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension: high blood pressure, blurred vision, headache, Proteinuria,
Abdominal pain
2. A client is comatose upon arrival to the emergency room department after falling from the roof. The
client flexes with painful stimuli, and the nurse determines the client’s Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is
6. Which intervention should the nurse prepare to implement to maintain the client’s airway. A
nasopharyngeal tube.
3.A client with rheumatoid arthritis reports a new onset of increasing fatigue. What intervention should
the nurse implement first? Answer: Assess the client for pallor
4.A client experiencing intracranial hypertension from a traumatic brain injury is admitted to the
trauma unit. How should the nurse position the client? Elevated head of bed.
5.Risk management: pt fell while using some equipment… charge nurse trying to find out what
happened- how? – hospital polices
6. The nurse is assessing a 48-year-old client with Guillain-Barre syndrome. What symptom is this
client most likely to exhibit? Decreased mobility of the legs.
7. Preop pt should be npo and pt had a glass of h2o-what to do- Alert surgeon/physician.
8. The nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. Which nursing action is best to
promote independence in this client? Teach the client and family energy conservation techniques.
9. The nurse is assessing a 2-week-old breastfeeding infant. To obtain information about the adequate
nutrition, which question should the nurse ask the breastfeeding mother? “How many diapers does the
infant wet daily?”
10. Zyvox & suprainfection – stomatitis
11. Potassium Chloride- Client able to void, assuring kidney function is present.
12. The nurse has identified four nursing problems for a 13-year-old admitted for depression and
anxiety. What is the priority problem? Risk for self directed violence related to history of self
13. (Audio/visual)- ask to hear heart sounds- murmur (know difference between S1/S2 sounds
14. The nurse is teaching a client newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus the signs of hypoglycemia.
What symptom should be included in the description of early signs of hypoglycemia? Tremors.
15. When you are giving asthma med… which one would you give 1st: 1. bronchodilator 2. Steroid
16. A male client diagnosed with hypertension has a nursing goal of, “the client will be able to
verbalize ways to decrease blood pressure.” What statement by the client indicates that this outcome
has been met? “if I loose weight, quit smoking, and exercise regularly I may not have to take any



Transition Prof Nurs Practice (NUR 460) 2016 Exam1

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