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Transition to Professional (NSG421) Part 2 - Lecture notes 5

John Marsh
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Part 2 – Lecture notes 5

Grand Canyon University

Transition to Professional Nursing Practice (NSG421)

Gastrointestinal -GI
1. Upper and Lower GI Series
a. Laxatives
a. Xylocaine Spray
3. Colonoscopy
a. Laxative – Golytely (Mix 4L tap H20 with 1 glass every hour)
4. Cholecystography
a. Iapanoic tabs (6 telepaque tabs. 1 tab q 5 min with full glass of water)
5. Liver Biopsy
6. Drugs for peptic ulcer disease (PUD)
a. Antacids – (Maalox /TUMS)
b. H2 Blockers end in “tidine”
i. Ramitidine
ii. Cemetidine
iii. Famitidine iv. Mizatidine
c. Proton Pump Inhibitors (AE: VAND + Headache) end in “Prazole” PPI
i. Pantaprazole
ii. Omeprazole
iii. Lansoprazole iv. Esomeprazole
d. Proton Inhibitor PI
~ 24 ~
i. Cytotec (Mysoprostol) – can cause abortion.
e. Sucralfate (carafate) coats lining.
f. Reglan (metoclopramide) – 30 min AC.
7. Drugs for Ulcerative Colitis
a. Steroids
b. Albumen
c. Antidiarrheal (Lomotil, Immodium)
8. Drugs for Hemorrhoids
a. Colace
b. Metamucil – Drink with a full glass of water and follow up with another.
c. Senokot
9. Cholecystitis
a. Demerol (Avoid MS)
10. Liver Cirrhosis
a. Vit K
b. Portal Systemic Encephalpathy
i. Neomycin Sulfate
ii. Lactulose
iii. Aldactone iv. Vitamin K
v. Anti Pruritic (Benedryl)
vi. Neomycin
vii. Anti-emetics
viii. Vitamin Supplements
ix. Antacids
Avoid PASTALAN and Sedatives / Narcotics
11. Pancreatitis – Do not give morphine.
a. Antacids
b. H2 Blockers
c. PPI
d. Prostiglandin Inhibitors PGI
e. Demerol
12. Complications / Seizures
a. Sedation / Anti-seizure
i. Phenobarbitol – sedation / anti-seizure
ii. Anti-anxiety
iii. Mg MSO4 iv. B1 Thiamine b.
Pancreatic Enzymes
i. Viokase



Transition to Professional (NSG421) Part 2 - Lecture notes 5

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