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Transition to Professional Nursing (NRSG367 )

John Marsh
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Australian Catholic University

Transition to Professional Nursing (NRSG367 )


NRSG367: Industry Reflection
Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration is a national safety and quality
health service (NSQHS) standard that qualified nurses experience in day to day practice. This
standard highlights the importance of having the ability to identify any signs of deterioration
as early as possible in order to improve outcomes and lessen harm on patients (Australian
Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2017). However, warning signs of clinical
deterioration sometimes go unidentified or are not acted on appropriately, which is something
I experienced in my most recent placement.
Whilst on clinical placement in a Neurological ward, I cared for mostly stroke patients so it
was always important to closely monitor patients as deterioration could occur quickly and be
detrimental to their health.



Transition to Professional Nursing (NRSG367 )

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