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Transition To Professional Nursing Practice (NSG421) Exam 2 2017

John Marsh
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Exam 2 2017, questions and answers

Grand Canyon University

Transition to Professional Nursing Practice (NSG421)

Exam 2 Fran “things to know”
1. 5 math q’s
a. Parkland formula for resuscitation of fluids: for fluid resuscitations and burns, may be content or math Q
i. Parkland formula: rule of nines p. 460 / p 454
ii. Take body weight, estimated percentage of body burns
iii. 4ml X KG (pt wt) X total body surface area burned (%)
iv. Rule of nine’s Head and each arm = 9%
v. 70 kg 18% BSA = 4mLX 70 kg X 18% = 5040 ml/24 hours
vi. Would use lactated ringers to replaces
vii. First 8 hours will give ½ volume..
2. Focus in on prioritization of care, who to take care of first
a. ABC’s
b. Maslow’s heirchy of needs
c. Nursing process
d. CH 69 prioritizing
i. When prioritizing pts not in disaster, who do we take care of first? Airways. After this is all vitals
are stable then go to Maslow’s (food, safety, psychological)
ii. Nursing process assess before you intervene
iii. Example person with fever, temp is high VS okay haven’t felt well 4 days
iv. Person playing softball twisted ankle
v. Chest pain, nausea, diaphoretic –> see first
vi. Child in play room playing
3. Someone with blisters, burns, BLISTERS what kind of burn is this? Deep partial thickness
4. Someone with low HR, and BP low, what to give? (No drugs) give trans cutaneous pacing
5. Strip SVT, A. flutter, sinus Tach, Asystole
6. Delegation  5 rights of delegations p. 790



Transition To Professional Nursing Practice (NSG421) Exam 2 2017

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