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Trends Practices And Roles (NUR2811) Chapter 01 Nursing Test Banks

John Marsh
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Trends Practices And Roles (NUR2811)

Chapter 01 Role Transitions Nursing Test Banks

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Free Chapter 01: Role Transitions
Chapter 01: Role Transitions
1. A graduate nurse has been hired as a nurse at a local hospital. The new nurse is in the
honeymoon phase of role transition when making which of the following statements?
a. “I am so nervous about being on my own as a nurse.”
b. “This will be a great learning experience.”
c. “I can’t wait to have a steady paycheck.”
d. “This job is perfect. I can finally do things my own way.”

2. Which of the following actions by the graduate nurse is an inappropriate methodology
to recover from reality shock?
a. Networking c. Returning to school
b. Obtaining a mentor d. Joining a support group

3. A nurse is trying to avoid burnout. Which of the following actions is a valid way to
achieve this?
a. Refusing to constantly work extra shifts
b. Withdrawing from peer support group
c. “Going native”
d. Changing jobs every 6 to 12 months

4. Which of the following statements by the graduate nurse shows an understanding of
reality shock as it applies to nursing?
a. “ Reality shock is the period when a person moves from school into the workforce.
b. “Reality shock is the realization that practice and education are not the same.”
c. “Reality shock is the period from graduation to becoming an experienced nurse.”
d. “Reality shock is a transition phase that new graduates go through before changing jobs.”



Trends Practices And Roles (NUR2811) Chapter 01 Nursing Test Banks

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