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Ugr Anatomy and Physiology (ANPS020) Chapter 26

Sandra Watson
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Chapter 26- Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

University of Vermont

Ugr Anatomy and Physiology (ANPS020)

1) The body’s water volume is closely tied to the level of which of the following ions?

2) The term hypotonic hydration refers to ________.

3) Hypoproteinemia is a condition of unusually low levels of plasma proteins. This
problem is often characterized by ________.

4) Which of the following hormones is important in the regulation of sodium ion
concentrations in the extracellular fluid?

5) Atrial natriuretic peptide is a hormone that is made in the atria of the heart. The
influence of this hormone is to ________.

6) Respiratory acidosis can occur when ________.

7) Total body water is not a function of which of the following?

8) Which of the choices below is not an essential role of salts in the body?

9) Which of the choices below exerts primary control over sodium levels in the body?

10) The fluid link between the external and internal environment is ________.



Ugr Anatomy and Physiology (ANPS020) Chapter 26

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