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United States-1492-1865 (HIS 315) Give Me Liberty Chapter Outline

Sandra Watson
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Summary Give Me Liberty!: an American History – Chapters 1-5 summaries

Chapters 1-5 summaries

  • UniversityUniversity of Texas at Austin
  • CourseUnited States, 1492-1865 (HIS 315)

I. Columbian Exchange
a. New crops transformed environements and reshaped diets
b. No immunity to old diseases, suffered the greatest population catastrophe in
c. Africa soon found itself involved in system of trade and migration
i. Vast majority of 10 million that crossed from old to new world were
African slaves
b. For europeans, the emergence of new world brought more enjoyment to life
says Adam Smith
i. For natives, and Africans “every sort of injustice”
b. Millions of people were able to make it in America but at the misfortune of
millions of others
c. Much more diversity, groups of people more intertwined in America
II. The First Americans
a. The Settling of the Americas
i. Indians settled New World b/w 15000 & 60000 yrs ago
b. Indian Societies of the Americas
i. North and South American societies built roaads, trade networks, and
irrigation systems
ii. Societies in Mexico and south were grander in scale
1. Indians north of mexico lacked literacy, tools, and knowledge
for long distance traveling
b. Mound Builders of the Miss River Valley
i. 3500 yrs ago Poverty Point was trading center for Miss and Ohio R
ii. Cahokia present day St. Louis flourished with population of 30K
b. Western Indians
i. Hopi and Zuni in AZ and NM built large planned towns and traded as far
as Miss R and Mexico
b. Indians of Eastern N. America
i. Diet of corn, beans, hunting, fishing
ii. Frequent wars, alliances
iii. Very diverse, noticed by Europeans
b. Native American Religion
i. Ceremonies for farming and hunting
ii. Some believed to have powers held positions of authority
b. Land and Property
i. Owning property was a foreign idea to them
ii. Believed land was common resource, not commodity
iii. Wealth mattered little, generosity more important
b. Gender Relations
i. Women could divorce and premarital sex
ii. Men hunted, women did agriculture



United States-1492-1865 (HIS 315) Give Me Liberty Chapter Outline

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