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United States Since 1877 (Hist 2301) Reaganomics Pros And Cons

Sandra Watson
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Texas Tech University

History Of The United States Since 1877 (HIST 2301)

Pros and cons of Reaganomics
1. Ended the Cold War.
He is largely credited with ending the cold war with Russia so that is a big thumbs
up for his presidency. The cold war went on for years and years so ending our
standoff with Russia really moves him up in the ranks as a good president.
2. War on Drugs.
Some pundits thought the “just say no” campaign was genius and helped to clean
up the drugs coming in from places like Central America. It did reduce the amount
of drugs on the streets so for some this would be a positive.
3. Rallied the People.
His ability to rally people was a big Pro. He had the ability to make Americans feel
more patriotic and hopeful about the state of the country and that is always a good
4. Man of Character.
He was viewed as being a man of excellent character and that is also important for a
country to have in their leader however his wonderful character did not seem to
help him have a realistic grip on the state of the impoverished in this country and he
is often criticized for his “Reaganomics”.
5. Sense of Worldly Politics.
He had a strong stance on world politics and was looked at as a leader that would
not tolerate a lot of nonsense from other countries. His powerful presence kept the
wolves at bay from other countries. He had strong family values and tried to impart
that on the citizens of the country.



United States Since 1877 (Hist 2301) Reaganomics Pros And Cons

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