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UNV 104 Topic 5 Quiz GCU

John Marsh
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UNV 104 Topic 5 Quiz

1. There are many strategies used for organizing information. Which of the following is not one of them?

2. The thesis statement serves what role in an essay?
Ties the hook to an interesting story to be told at the end of the essay
Provides an interesting fact or piece of information
Prepares the reader for what the body paragraphs will be discussing
All of the above

3. It is not necessary to use transitions when writing an expository essay.
True / False

4. One is able to locate a rubric for an assignment in which of the following?
The Individual Forum
The Assignment Drop Box
The Syllabus
The Question for Instructor Forum

5. For a five paragraph Expository Essay, the thesis statement needs to include three subtopic points?
True / False

6. You should restate/re-word your thesis statement in the last paragraph or conclusion
of your essay.
True / False

7. Each sub-topic or point in your essay should be discussed clearly and concisely within
a separate paragraph.
True / False

8. For every reference on your references page, there must be a matching in-text citation
in your essay.
True / False

9. In a five-paragraph Expository Essay there are three supporting paragraphs?
True / False

10. Your thesis statement contains the main points your essay will discuss. What is the
best strategy for tying the main points of your thesis statement to the supporting body
Topic sentences
Summative statements

11. Which point of view is typically most appropriate for writing an essay?
Second person
Fourth person

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