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Walden - NURS 6003 - All weeks Assignments latest

Sandra Watson
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Walden university – NURS 6003 – All weeks Assignments latest

Week 1 | Part 1: My Academic and Professional Network

Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse?

Week 2 | Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies

Identify the following academic resources and/or strategies that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general?

Week 3 | Part 3: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Analyze the relationship between academic integrity and writing, as well as the  relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics. Also identify strategy I intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of  academic work ?

Week 4 | Part 4: Research Analysis

Describe your approach to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed research
Identify at least two strategies that you would use that you found to be effective in finding peer-reviewed research
Identify at least one resource you intend to use in the future to find peer-reviewed research

Week 5 | Part 5: Professional Development

Developed a curriculum vitae to capture academic and professional accomplishments to date.

Week 6 | Part 6: Finalizing the Plan

Consider various options for my nursing specialty, including a close look at selected (or currently preferred) specialty and second-preferred specialty. Also, Develope a justification of selected (or preferred) specialty. Lastly, examine one professional organization related to  selected or preferred specialty and considered how I can become a member of this organization.



Walden - NURS 6003 - All weeks Assignments latest

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