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Walden NURS 6512 Week 1 Discussion 2020

Sandra Watson
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Walden University – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning NURS 6512

NURS 6512 Week 1 Post – discussion post

Week 1 Discussion

Scenario: 16-year-old white pregnant teenager living in an inner-city neighborhood
The client interview is an essential clinical skill that helps establish trust contributing to
quality care. Ball, Dains, Flynn, Solomon and Stewart (2015) support the process of interviewing
a client in developing the therapeutic relationship and understanding a client’s unique
perspective allowing the provider to disregard assumptions that could negatively impact care.
Fortin, Dwamena, Frankel, and Smith (2013) recommend beginning the interview with a process
of “nonfocusing” (p. 40) where the provider asks a general open-ended question and allows the
client to speak freely and observe non-verbal communication before further communication. In
the case of the 16-year-old, this could be useful in helping to understand how the client feels
about the pregnancy.



Walden NURS 6512 Week 1 Discussion 2020


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