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Walden University Mission Statement Leadership (6053)

Sandra Watson
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Walden University Mission Statement Leadership (6053)


Walden University NURS 6053 Dr. E. Townley September 30, 2019

Personal Leadership Philosophies
Leadership in nursing plays a vital role in healthcare, and the way it is practiced can have a tremendous impact on the organization as a whole (Marshall & Broome, 2017). Nurse leaders  are responsible in creating environments that not only promote quality care for patients, but also create a culture in which excellence in healthcare is celebrated, and where the best working conditions are promoted for providers and staff (Marshall & Broome, 2017). Leadership skills do not come naturally to everyone in leadership roles; but with practice, awareness, and cultivation, these skills can be developed and honed (Marshall & Broome, 2017). The purpose of this paper is to explore my personal philosophies, strengths, and weaknesses relating to leadership, and to develop a plan to achieve my goal of becoming a transformational leader.




Walden University Mission Statement Leadership (6053)



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