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Writing II (ENG 2150) Secret Life Of Bees-Quotes

Sandra Watson
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Baruch College CUNY


Writing II (ENG 2150)

Nicholas Nerys
Secret Life of Bees
Chapter 1
“People who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about like.” Lily, p.2
-Lily said this in response to her mother’s death. To her, the worst thing was losing someone you
love, which was her mother. It is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to her.
“Bees swarm before death.” Rosaleen, p.2
-According to Lily, this was just another one of Rosaleen’s crazy quotes. In response to Lily’s
nightly visions, Rosaleen said this. Lily always wondered why the bees never killed her since
they were always around.
Chapter 2
“A brazing feeling had broken loose in me.” Lily, p.38
-When Franklin Posey was hitting Rosaleen, Lily thought this to herself. She felt this way
because Rosaleen was a mother figure to her and it wants right how they were beating her
because she was black.
“Your mother ran off and left you.” T.Ray, p.39
– T. Ray says this to Lily when they return from the jail. Lily is so outraged by this statement that
she runs away, only to find out he was telling truth.



Writing II (ENG 2150) Secret Life Of Bees-Quotes

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