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Xpert Eleven Guide | Xperteleven Tips

Sandra Watson
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Xpert Eleven Complete Guide

Xperteleven guide

Xpert eleven tips

Xpert eleven formations

So you’ve got yourself an Xpert Eleven team and you
want to do well at the game?

The following words can help you develop into an all-knowing beast of a
manager able to create a monster squad capable of reaching the very
Xpert Eleven is a web-based football-management game, all about managing
a completely fictitious football team through development and winning
leagues. Accordingly this guide is split into two main sections – one on each
aspect of the game. It can be read end to end, or dipped in and out of as
This guide has come from many years of research and knowledge about the
game, sourced from a diverse range of influences such as personal
discussions and experience, Coach’s Corner articles in the Xpert Daily, The
Rules, still current bits from Leftblank’s Guide, game clarifications from Iwe
the originator of the game, and trawling the forum for buried nuggets, insights
and factual percentages.
All this information has been condensed into a useful compendium; grouped
and moved about into a structure that’s, hopefully, an easy and
comprehensive read. If there’s any unaccredited quoting that’s because it’s
come from my scrapbooks, noted down along the way and now just part of the
information soup. The aim is to inform and instruct all those who wish to
develop their understanding and winning ways at Xpert Eleven.
Xpert Eleven is free to join and play, however what’s known as VIP status can
be purchased for the cost of £22 per year (other price/time-ranges are
available including a trial of 10p for 1 month). VIP gives access to stats more
easily, especially to those of your opponent and training.
I’ll try and point out when the advice is for a VIP-only part of the game (mainly
in ‘Scout Your Opponent’ and ‘Change Reports’) but forgive me if I’ve
forgotten. Some say VIP gives an unfair advantage, and the same may be
said of this guide. However heed the wise words of manager Michelep:
“My personal opinion is, the point is to seek an advantage. The question is
whether those advantages are legitimate or not. Using mechanisms of the
game, something that is available to all, is not cheating IMO. On the other
hand something that manipulates the fact this is an internet based game is
clearly cheating: URL manipulation, multiple accounts, paying REAL money
for players, bids, games etc. Thing is technically, if the rules don’t say it’s
cheating then it isn’t.”
This guide assumes the reader to have been playing the game, have a basic
knowledge of how it operates and wants to get an edge on their competition.
There is a beginners guide on the site, which explains the various functions
and navigation of the game
More coverage of the basic rules and explanations can be found via the ‘The
Game’, ‘Forum’ and ‘Help’ drop down menus from the tool bar along the top of
the website. There’s lots of information hidden away in those upside down
triangles; I still find valuable hints in there, sometimes even things I’ve written
This guide covers Xpert Eleven at time of writing, though the game is always
changing/evolving and these changes often alter the way to be successful.
Some recent changes for example have been: the introduction of
substitutions; Stamina SQ (which rendered some formations and playing
styles obsolete); Compatibility was introduced, or made transparent, adding
another aspect; Youth Academy investment; Transfer market deadline
changing from daily to hourly then all private league markets merged into one.
There are also ongoing, subtle changes to what is known as The Game
Engine, the software program that computes everything which happens in the
Xpert Eleven. Iwe has always said that any changes to the software will not
be felt immediately but creep into the game over a period of time.
The layout and presentation of the game has also gone through some major
Future editions of this Guide will keep apace with developments in the game.
I’ve tried not to keep referring to the ‘old days’ or saying ‘it used to be like’.
One day there might be a history of Xpert Eleven but this is not it. This is
intended for the present day player playing the game today not yesterday.




Xpert Eleven Guide

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