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FAQ – Terms of Service

Academic Honesty and Academic Integrity

Homeworkscore.com has a strict Academic Honesty Policy. Answers to homework questions can only be used as a tutoring aid or a reference. Much like reviewing answers of past years exams which is a common practice for preparing for this years exam. Submitting an answer as your own is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in your institute’s academic honesty unit taking actions against you.

Abide the law

Avoid using this site if it is against any law, statute or limitation in your jurisdiction.

Exchange of contact information

Do not exchange contact information. Exchanging contact information compromises your privacy. Use Homeworkscore.com chat instead.

Reference answers

Homeworkscore.com sells reference answers to homework questions. These answers may be used as a guide or a study aid to help you complete your homework. The reference answers are available for purchase by anyone and may not be submitted as your own work. You may either purchase an answer to a stock question or post your own homework question.
The price of each answer is set by the tutor that posted the answer. The price appears on the purchase button of the relevant answer. Since reference answers are digital goods, return is not an option. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you are encouraged to dispute the answer with the teacher on the question page. If a dispute is not resolved within a reasonable time, our team will step in an in most cases refund the payment. For any help and assistance please contact us here

Refund Policy

Homework score has full discretion to determine the eligibility for refunds for answers that a student reports as unsatisfactory. Our review team will look at your case closely and determine whether or not the tutor provided quality help. Have in mind that if the tutor has provided quality work, they are counting on the income and we need to be fair. If you are to request a refund on a question, we need as much proof as possible on the appeal, these include screenshots, result with low grade or anything that helps the moderation team make a decision towards approving the refund.

We will Typically Grant Refunds to Students for:

1) Lack of a complete answer to your question.
2) Unoriginal work with provided proof.
3) Abuse.
4) Excessive poor quality with provided proof.
5) Overdue answers.
6) Lack of further help to the student within reason to comply with originally posted instructions.
7) High percentage of incomplete answer to the originally posted question.

How We Make Decisions for Refund Request:

1) When filing a refund request we require as much evidence as possible to side with your appeal. We require strong and specific details that would help us make a decision. For example: explanation for poor quality. Screenshots are the best proof. This should be posted on the question’s page conversation board. This way the team will check the question’s page conversation and make a decision based on the evidence provided there. We have to be completely fair with students and tutors especially if since they expected this income and they’ve worked on your question. If you do not post this evidence on the question’s page conversation board, we will NOT provide a refund.

Refunds to Original Payment Method:

When you create a refund request for your question, you will be refunded to your Original Payment Method.